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PactAnt Software for Teams
PactAnt Happy Team Members

"Easier and better than Slack or Trello, and way less expensive."

Jeffrey B — Senior Product Manager, Fortune 50 professional services firm

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Make work feel like less work.

What would happen if your team was able to happily accept their roles and due dates of the various components needed to get the project completed? is free to start. Need more? We have enterprise options for advanced needs.

Join companies that get more work done.

— PactAnt works on any device and is completely free to use —

Coordinate projects and people in minutes.

Say goodbye to reply-all emails and tired team members. Allow them to create space and time for what THEY want to do.

— Watch as performance and attitudes improve (it's inspiring) —

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PactAnt Software for Teams

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"Critical to keeping our team focused. Simply indispensable. Love it."

Paul H — CEO, Fortune 100 technology firm

People are so much more than their current job title.

Let them show you.

Eliminate the need for lengthy (and ineffective) presentation and buy-in meetings. Give everyone on the team insight into projects and let them accept proposed responsibilities and timelines!

Allow team members to surface unrealized pockets of bandwidth, and watch how burnout drastically decreases.

"This system is brilliantly simple. Keeps the entire team on track. Best ROI out of any product we have ever had."

Bill H — Owner, global consulting firm

Built for simplicity and efficiency.

Stop complicating work. Get PactAnt.

Whether you’re working from home or from the office, your work environment plays a critical role in how productive and focused you can be.

“The La Nueva Siembra project was a collaboration between three organizations. Before working with PactAnt, there was a lack of effective communication between us. With PactAnt, we are able to coordinate all these separate entities very effectively.

Seriously speaking, without PactAnt I don’t think we would have been able to adjust in the time that we did.”

Grow NYC meld Testimonial by Gabby Pereyra at GrowNYC

How does PactAnt actually work?

Stop wasting time stuck in meeting and never-ending email threads. Make your workplace a happier place.

PactAnt Software for Teams

PactAnt founders get it.

With PactAnt there's no more hunting down, tracking down, or breaking down. Because your projects, status, and progress are all in one place.

— We could not find a platform that gave us this freedom, so we created it. Your team, your work, and your insights belong together. With PactAnt you can trust all your communications and projects are up to date in one place. —

Eric Hassman PactAnt Founder

Eric Hassman

Mark Hassman

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